author of the history walks series of books

paul amess

“A rainy day in the woods is better than a sunny day in the office.”

– Alfred Wainwright

My Books

Coast to Coast

Join Paul as he follows in the great Alfred Wainwright's footsteps on one of the world's best known and most popular walks. Taking in beautiful valleys, misty moors, lovely lakes and pleasing plains, find about about the literal and spiritual highs and lows of this 192 mile walk from St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay, all told in a flowing, candid and light-hearted story. Delving into the history as he goes along, this book will make you want to follow in his footsteps yourself, or if you have already done the Coast to Coast, you will want to grab your shoes and do it again.Mysterious monsters, funny facts and famous figures await. Who knew that there could be so much history attached to this walk. Bridges built for lovers, amazing stories of pirates, devastating murders, stone circles, plots to blow the lake district sky high and ghost stories are all amusingly told against the backdrop of the walk itself. Paul and his friends spend two weeks tracing Wainwrights footsteps in search of an England of old, one that may not have changed as much as you would expect. Faced with challenges from the weather, from themselves and from other hikers, they get drenched, sunburned and lost, all in equal proportions, and time and again are forced to hide in pubs. Will they make it? Read on to find out . . . .

54 Degrees North

Drawing a straight line across England at a latitude of exactly 54 degrees and walking along it as close as he can, join Paul Amess as he sets out to learn about this tiny strip of the country and its history including events, people and places. Starting on the east coast in Yorkshire, and somehow ending up in Lancashire, he encounters murders, film stars, witches and more, all linked in more ways than you might imagine. Discover what links York with Lancaster, and what an alien has to do with Victorian bridges. Learn about the blind man that built many of our roads and the boffins at Aldermaston that wanted to drop a nuclear bomb on them. This is a ramble across our beloved little island that unearths all sorts of unexpected tales and weaves them together in a narrative like no other..

rambling on

If you’re planning on doing the Cleveland Way, or just fancy a bit of a laugh, this could be the book for you!Join Paul as he navigates 109 miles along the Cleveland Way and around the North Yorkshire Moors. Starting in Helmsley on the wettest day of the year, he thinks it can’t get worse, but then Storm Francis comes along. Accompanied by his good friend Rob, who carries most of the gear and does most of the cooking, they get lost, sunburned, blistered, and blown away. Learn about pirates, inventors and famous people along the way as Paul rambles on in more ways than one, and find out about the unluckiest house in Yorkshire, all set against the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic. And if you want to know what Mick Hucknall has to do with Whitby, and learn about a modern day sailor who stole his own boat, read on. . .

Upcoming Books

Last year, Robin, Chris and myself did the Hadrians Wall Walk, along with our new friend Anthony, who I will be introducing you to in my next book.

There were more ups and downs on this walk than we could have possibly imagined, and in more ways than one. Join us walking from Bowness on Solway, right across the country to Wallsend in Newcastle, finding out all sorts of fun facts about both the journey and the places we staggered through.