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paul amess

“A rainy day in the woods is better than a sunny day in the office.”

– Alfred Wainwright

My Books

Northbound on the West Highland Way

On possibly their best adventure yet, Paul and the gang set off on one of the premier long distance footpaths of the world, The West Highland Way. Walking from the outskirts of Glasgow, the boys head for the hills and glens of beautiful Scotland, and once again discover all sorts of weird and wonderful stories along the way. From a train combined with an aeroplane, to historic heroes of Scotland of old such as Rob Roy, to ghost stories and haunted pubs, learn about the people and the places along this amazing 96 mile trek through some of the most beautiful places in the world. Walking through film sets and battlefields, across beautiful moors and mountains, the boys try to stay one step ahead of the infernal Scottish midge. But it's not just walking and history. Our intrepid idiots do everything wrong so you don't have to. Find out who ends up in hospital and who is the target of a drone strike, and discover who rescues the boys when everything goes south despite the path going north. Be with them as they bump into a bear, and generally get lost in the woods, all the while enjoying one of the greatest trips of their life, quite literally on the journey of a lifetime. Will they make it? Read on to find out. If you have ever done this walk, then there is definitely something new for you within these pages that will make you want to do it again. And if you are considering walking this route, then make sure to read this before you go and you will have a much richer journey.

Hadrian's Wall Path

Join Paul on an epic walk along one of the most famous and interesting walks in the world - Hadrian's Wall. Find all about its history, both ancient and modern, and learn about the people that have tried to destroy it as well as the people that have tried to save it. This walk covers a lot more than just the wall, though. Find out which king carried around a human arm for luck and learn about one of the most famous spy-swaps in history. But if it's wall you want, find out where to see the longest, the tallest, the best bits and the rudest bits! Stretching across the north of England, walking the wall sees Paul and the gang enjoy leisurely long summer days tramping across country encountering all sorts of unexpected delights. Spending the week under canvas, they battle the British weather, get fleeced by the locals, and get blisters thrown in for good luck. This book gives a delightful history of the wall, as well as an amusing account of a walk along it, all told in a friendly and light-hearted manner that will make you smile. This is Paul's fourth book, following up on the success of 54 Degrees North, Rambling On and Coast to Coast. Paul Amess was born and bred in Hull, Yorkshire, and spent many years travelling the world to exotic places until it finally dawned on him that the best place in the world was right on his own doorstep. He now spends as much of his time as possible walking around England learning about its fascinating history and meeting often interesting and usually strange people.

Coast to Coast

Join Paul as he takes to the great outdoors and follows in the great Alfred Wainwright's footsteps on one of the world's best known and most popular walks. Taking in beautiful valleys, misty moors, lovely lakes and pleasing plains, find out about the literal and spiritual highs and lows of this 192-mile walk from St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay, all told in a flowing, candid and light-hearted story that turns tragedy into triumph. Delving into the history as he goes along, this book will make you want to follow in his footsteps yourself, or if you have already done the Coast to Coast, you will want to grab your shoes and do it again. Mysterious monsters, funny facts and famous figures await. Who knew that there could be so much history attached to this walk. Bridges built for lovers, amazing stories of pirates, devastating murders, stone circles, plots to blow the lake district sky high and ghost stories are all amusingly told against the backdrop of the walk itself. Paul and his friends spend two weeks tracing Wainwrights footsteps in search of an England of old, one that may not have changed as much as you would expect. Faced with challenges from the weather, from themselves and from other hikers, they get drenched, sunburned and lost, all in equal proportions, and time and again are forced to hide in pubs. This book will make you laugh and will make you cry and if you want to know if they make it, then read on to find out more.

54 Degrees North

Drawing a straight line across England at a latitude of exactly 54 degrees and walking along it as close as he can, join Paul Amess as he sets out to learn about this tiny strip of the country and its history including events, people and places. Starting on the east coast in Yorkshire, and somehow ending up in Lancashire, he encounters murders, film stars, witches and more, all linked in more ways than you might imagine. Discover what links York with Lancaster, and what an alien has to do with Victorian bridges. Learn about the blind man that built many of our roads and the boffins at Aldermaston that wanted to drop a nuclear bomb on them. This is a ramble across our beloved little island that unearths all sorts of unexpected tales and weaves them together in a narrative like no other..

Electric Dreams Road Trip

Join Paul and Rob as they drop their walking boots and head instead on a road trip like no other. Jumping into one of the first electric cars ever made - a first-generation Nissan Leaf - our intrepid duo set out to travel through the middle of England in search of the ultimate answer to the ultimate question - can you go on a road trip in an electric car? Will the car make it to the next charger? Will the charger even be there, and if it is, will it work? Learning the hard way which factors decide on whether they make it to their next destination, Paul and Rob carry on regardless on their crazy road trip, along the way stopping off at always interesting, often strange and sometimes downright weird places, all the while trying to drive up through the heart of the country without crossing a bridge. Carefully navigating some of the most beautiful parts of the country, they are trying to drive from the south coast to the Scottish border along the line of the watershed, which is basically the point in between where all the rivers go either east or west. Finding some of the sources of our major rivers along the way, they discover that everything you were taught about England's longest rivers may not be quite as it seems. Visiting the church that isn't a church, graves of the rich and famous, castles, houses and more besides, they stumble on some of the more unusual aspects of English history that they never even suspected existed. The world's last smallpox victim, the place where Churchill made some of the final decisions for D-Day, and possibly the only church in the country with its own fire engine, are all revealed within these fascinating pages, along with a whole lot more, all the while at the same time they are desperately looking for electric chargers that actually work. Join them on this fun ride through history and through England, and learn all about our crazy little island.

A Walk on the Wild Side

When Paul set out to walk the Wolds Way, he had no idea of the wealth of interesting stories, people, and amazing landscapes he would encounter in what is essentially his own back yard. Following this little gem of a national trail from the shores of the Humber estuary in the middle of winter, up through the dales and valleys of the beautiful Wolds, Paul encounters an ancient land with more history than you can imagine. From the riddle of an unsolved archaeological mystery to the many ancient railways all long since gone, Paul finds a lot more than he bargained for. Joined as he goes along by Rob and Chris, they discover abandoned tunnels, stately homes, and deserted medieval villages. Find out where they all are, and follow in their footsteps yourself. But there's more. Find out the rich connections that this area has with airships, or more accurately airship disasters, as well as another couple of intriguing connections to submarines, and how they are linked. All of this, and more, set against a backdrop of one of the most beautiful and accessible parts of the country, just waiting to be discovered. Finishing at Filey on the dramatic Yorkshire Coast, come with Paul on one of the most amazing little walks in England. Find out what ancient barrows have to do with victorian archaeologists plundering them, and what have zombies got to do with anything too? There's the world's oldest horse race, possibly the worst arctic explorer ever, and probably the most reckless character in British naval history. All this, and more. This is Paul's fifth book, following up on the success of 54 Degrees North, Rambling On, Coast to Coast, and Hadrian's Wall, all part of his History Walks which can be read in any order.

rambling on

If you’re planning on doing the Cleveland Way, or just fancy a bit of a laugh, this could be the book for you!Join Paul as he navigates 109 miles along the Cleveland Way and around the North Yorkshire Moors. Starting in Helmsley on the wettest day of the year, he thinks it can’t get worse, but then Storm Francis comes along. Accompanied by his good friend Rob, who carries most of the gear and does most of the cooking, they get lost, sunburned, blistered, and blown away. Learn about pirates, inventors and famous people along the way as Paul rambles on in more ways than one, and find out about the unluckiest house in Yorkshire, all set against the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic. And if you want to know what Mick Hucknall has to do with Whitby, and learn about a modern day sailor who stole his own boat, read on. . .

Upcoming Books

I’m currently in the final editing stages of my next book, which is The Herriot Way.

This magical path takes in the beautiful countryside made famous by country vet and best-selling author James Herriot.

I took my faithful dog Belle on this walk, and I cant wait to tell you the story.